Bounce Your Way To Fitness On A Fun Rebounder

If you know you need more exercise to get fit and healthy, but you don't like exercising and have difficulty sticking with it, consider getting a rebounder. A rebounder is like a mini trampoline. It's fun to jump on it, and you can use it while you watch TV or listen to an audiobook.

Rebounding is fun, but it's also good exercise. You may be surprised at how quickly you get fatigued and feel the burn in your muscles that indicates you had a good workout. Here are some tips for using and buying a rebounder. 

Choose A Style For Your Comfort And Budget

A high-quality rebounder is usually a better investment than an inexpensive model when you want one for adult exercise. Inexpensive mini-trampolines are often for kids to play and exercise on, so be sure to check the weight and age limit before you buy a rebounder.

You can buy one of these trampolines with springs or bungee cords. Springs are less expensive, so you might want to start with one of those, but a rebounder made with bungee cords may provide the best experience. Bungee cords are quieter, and you can buy the type of cord you need based on your weight. This gives you the best resistance and bounce.

You can also buy a mini-trampoline that has a handle attachment. This might be worth considering if you have trouble with your balance. If you buy a handle that can be removed, you can take it off when your balance improves.

Bounce, Jump, And Exercise For Fitness

The types of exercises you do depend on your current fitness level. If you're out of shape, you may just want to do a gentle bounce until you can work up to something more vigorous. Even holding the handle and gently bouncing up and down can be fun and a good workout if you've been sedentary for a long time.

If you're already in fair shape, you may want to do exercises while you bounce in different positions to work out all areas of your body. You can even bounce with weights or resistance bands.

Your trampoline may come with instructions on how to use it, but if it doesn't, you can find videos online that have workout routines you can follow along with until you get familiar with rebounding so you can make up your own routines.

Unlike some fitness equipment that's always in the way, a rebounder is easy to hide out of sight. You can buy a mini-trampoline with legs that fold flat so you can slide it under the bed or prop it against the wall. Some even fold in half so you can take your trampoline with you when you travel. This might be a good way to wear out your kids and keep them entertained in a hotel room.

Kids, adults, and seniors can use a rebounder since you adjust the intensity of the workout to your own ability and go at a pace you can tolerate. Plus, you'll get exercise in a way that's fun, and that might keep you motivated to use your trampoline every day.