Types Of Exercise To Try At A Fitness Center

One of the advantages of going to a fitness center rather than exercising at home is that you have access to such a wide variety of equipment and classes. You'll find just the right kind of exercise you're looking for, no matter what your fitness level is or what kind of workouts you like best. Here are some things you might want to try at a fitness center.

Water Aerobics

Not all fitness centers have swimming pools, but those that do usually offer individual swim time and aqua aerobics classes. Exercising in water is easy on your joints, and it's fun too.

You'll get a good workout that strengthens your muscles due to the resistance of the water and that provides cardiovascular benefits.

Strength Training

A fitness gym usually has a variety of weight machines you can use, but it's also good to learn how to exercise with free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells. A fitness instructor or personal trainer can teach you how to use the weights properly.

Once you have the technique down, you can continue your weight training at home with your own dumbbells and always have an easy way to keep up with your strength training.

Dance Classes

If you find most types of exercise boring, then try an exercise dance class. You move your body to music and learn specific dance moves that make the workout session fun and enjoyable. At the same time, you burn calories and get a cardio workout.


It's always good to learn basic yoga poses because you can do them at home once you know how. Yoga is a great way to relax and control stress. However, it is beneficial for your body too.

You might begin with simple stretches and poses, and then you can progress to various other types of yoga depending on what your facility offers. Some yoga classes can be intense and cause you to burn calories and strengthen your muscles.

Treadmill Running

If you live in an area where running isn't a reasonable option, then going to a fitness center to run on a treadmill is a good idea. You can adjust the treadmill to replicate running up a hill.

Plus, you can vary the speed of your running. You can get a strong cardiovascular workout on a treadmill, and using a treadmill is a good way to warm up for other types of exercise.

Weight Machines

Using different types of weight machines is fun and gets you motivated to keep going to the fitness center. You can track your progress each week to see how much your stamina and ability have improved.

There are machines that work your arms, abs, back, and legs. Once you've been taught how to use the machines correctly, you'll be on your own to work out at your own pace.