Cutting, Bulking And Dissolving: Three Legal Steroid Types You Need

Illegal steroids should be avoided at all costs, but can you build muscle and get lean without them? Yes, actually, you can. There are legal steroids, which are effective alternatives to taking the illegal kind. The best legal steroids accomplish much of the same as the illegal ones, only you will not be jailed or bounced from a bodybuilding tournament for using them.  Here are three legal steroid types for cutting muscle out, bulking up and hardening the muscles you have, and dissolving fat, which can make your muscles look tinier than they are.

Bulking: Anadrol

This bulking agent acts as an androgen enhancer. Androgen is a male hormone responsible for building muscle, and anadrol is the closest synthetic legal steroid to androgen. Guys can use this freely, but ladies should be a little more careful with its use if they do not want beards and hairy chests. (Use the recommended dosing for your height, weight and gender and you will be fine.) Anadrol also helps keep you energized and reduces fatigue, both of which are important for lifting weights and bodybuilding.

Fat-Dissolving: Clenbuterol

Ephedrine is as bad for your heart as steroids are for the rest of your body. While ephedrine works great to burn fat, you do not want to be using it or using it long-term. Instead, use a fat-dissolving legal steroid known as clenbuterol. This legal steroid burns body fat during your workouts without any ephedrine or nasty side effects of legal steroids. It is also said to decrease hunger and flush excess water from body tissues, a common problem when you are trying to flex your six-pack and the abdominal cuts do not look right because of excess water.

Cutting: Trenorol

Trenorol is a legal steroid that helps define and reshape muscles for that chiseled muscle exterior. It helps harden muscle tissue by releasing free testosterone and dissolving visceral as well as subcutaneous fat. When combined with the two legal steroids above, they pack a 1-2-3 punch for cutting and bulking up muscle while dissolving both types of fat that can get in the way of that perfectly chiseled body.

Best Legal Steroids

You can buy these legal steroids in "gift packs," which will reduce your overall purchase and shipping costs. The best legal steroids offer these packs, as well as "a la carte" options to accomplish your muscle-building and fat loss goals. If you are not sure what else to buy, ask your trainer.