Three Welcome Gifts To Give For New Gym Members

When an athletically minded individual signs up for a membership at your fitness center, it can be a gesture of goodwill to provide a welcome gift. While the main "gift" that the member will be getting is access to your gym that he or she can use to transform his or her physical body, throwing something else into the mix may help to distinguish you from other fitness centers in the area. This is especially true if you widely advertise the gifts that you give new gym members. Here are some different options that you can give.

Fitness Center Attire

An easy giveaway item to consider is attire that displays the name of your gym. Many fitness centers have attire that members can buy, but actually giving it away with the purchase of a membership can be something that your new members really appreciate. T-shirts are an obvious choice, as are athletic shorts. However, if you want to invest a little more in these gifts, consider dry-fit athletic shirts that your members can wear while working out. This garment is a better choice than a conventional T-shirt, given its ability to keep sweat away from the user's skin.

Discounted Professional Services

Fitness centers often have a variety of professional services on site that people — including non-members — can enjoy. One idea to pursue is to offer discounts to some of these services for your new members. For example, personal training is common at gyms, and you might think to offer 50 percent off the first three personal training sessions for your new members. Nutritionists often work in fitness centers, and a similar type of discount for an introductory session with a nutritionist is something that many of your new members may use. If you also have massage therapists and physical therapists working in your gym, you may wish to entertain discounts for these appointments, too.

Discounted Products

If your gym has different products for sale, you might want to consider offering some of them at low rates for new members. While this gift isn't free, it still translates into considerable cost savings. For example, perhaps you sell items such as yoga mats, stretching bands, or even free weights. These are all items that you can discount for your new members. You may also sell recovery drinks and snacks, athletic beverages, and nutritional supplements — offering a discount on these items can be favorable.