Excerscise And Self Defense From Bullys: 2 Ideas For Your Kid

If your child is a bit out of a couch potato, and you want them to get some exercise, and you are also worried about them being physically picked on, then you should consider a self defense class. These classes will help them build confidence, get them off the couch and away from the video games, and also teach them how to defend themselves in the event some bully attacks them. While fighting is never the best answer, sometimes they will be confronted with a bully who will try and physically hurt them. It is better if they know how to defend themselves and not be scarred and let themselves be used as a punching bag. The school authorities and police can be brought in to deal with the bully, but first you need to make sure your child is prepared to defend themselves so they don't end up in the hospital. Here are two ideas to consider.

A Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing, such as from Sitan, LLC. , is a very popular form of exercise, so even if you never need to use it as self defense, you will get a great workout. It is a mash up of boxing and different martial arts, principally karate. Your child will learn how to throw a punch and also how to effectively kick. Most importantly, they will learn how to defend against a kick or a punch. The classes that are geared towards kids will not have much student-on-student sparring, which is common in adult classes. The main way they will learn is in punching bags, kick bags, and striking trees. The teachers in these classes will help the children learn that fighting is never the fist solution to a problem, and one should always try and disuse the situation with words. The class provides an awesome cardio workout, which is great if your child normally spends their days slouched down, surfing the net. Cardiovascular exercise is very important, even with kids, as type 2 diabetes (due to diet and food) is becoming a problem with today youth.

MMA Class With A Focus On BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jitsu)

If your son or daughter likes watching the UFC, and is a fan of stars such as Rhonda Rousey, Miesha Tate, or Conor McGregor, then you should bring them to an MMA class that teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is a really popular method of self defense. It enables the person to deflect punches and kicks using a form of Judo developed in South America. Instead of throwing punches like a boxer, of kicking like in Taekwondo , your child can fend off an attack by immobilizing the bully by putting them into an arm lock. So, the bully will be stopped, but your child won't actually punch and hurt them.

MMA classes are also a tremendous workout. Your child will roll around on a big wrestling mat, learning the different escape methods. They will jog around the classroom (cardio is a huge thing in BJJ classes because you need stamina to wrestle an opponent) and they will also learn to develop superior hand-eye coordination.