Resolving To Get Fit In 2017? 4 Exciting Fitness Classes To Reach Your Goals

Most people will make New Year's resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, read more, and even work less, but following through on these goals can be challenging. Considering losing weight is the most common of New Year's resolutions, you may be joining this group of people who want to improve their health. Unfortunately, an estimated 73 percent of people who set fitness resolutions will fail. From boredom or a lack of time, not reaching your goals can be disappointing. Thankfully, adding some excitement to your fitness routine can make your resolution a real possibility. Here are a few fun and exciting classes that will make 2017 the year you reach your fitness goals.

1. Pound

For an intense and fun cardio workout, consider a Pound class. During each class, you will complete various Pilates and isometric movements while carrying weighted drumsticks. The routines are easy to follow and the fast-paced music reduces the risk of boredom.

Not only will you sweat during the cardio movements, but you will also burn calories, tone muscles, and increase your overall endurance.

2. Pole Dancing

Dancing around or twirling on a pole is not just for strippers anymore. Today, more and more people are enjoying the serious physical and emotional benefits of pole dancing.

Stretching, contouring, and moving around a pole while a variety of musical beats play in the background will have you burning calories and strengthening your muscles and bones all while improving your emotional well-being.

3. Ropes

Weighted ropes are also being used to improve your health. These long ropes may seem simple to move, but waving them up and down continuously can become a fitness challenge.

Moving the long, weighted ropes in a wave-like pattern works every muscle in your body including your abdomen, arms, and legs. Your core will receive an intense workout as it stabilizes your body while moving the ropes up and down.

Rope fitness classes increase strength, endurance, and coordination all while burning tremendous calories.

4. Barre

To enjoy a combination of ballet and cardio, try out a Barre class. While inspired by classic ballet moves, the Barre classes also incorporate intense cardio movements for a unique approach to fitness.

The fusion of ballet and cardio burns calories, but the classes are also capable of toning muscles and improving your mood.

Trying one or all of these fitness classes will ensure you do not get bored reaching your fitness goals in 2017. From pole dancing and a bit of ballet to drumsticks and wild ropes, you will actually enjoy your New Year's resolution to get healthy and fit. Contact your local fitness club to learn more.